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Kamdhenu Ispat Limited is objectively a value creating customer-driven Indian enterprise where innovation is the fulcrum of growth and R&D the catalyst to be ahead of times. Kamdhenu Ispat Limited uses cutting-edge technological processes and ensures strict adherence to quality management systems.

Heat Resistant Test

This test shows that Tempcore bars retains more than 80% of its ambient temperature yield strength at 300 degree Centigrade and 40% at 500 degree Centigrade.

Bend Test

Due to soft core, the tempcore bar can be easily bent & re-straightened without cracking or loss of tensile strength.

Bend Test of Welded Joint

Due to low carbon equivalent it can be easily butt or lap weld and bars (Tempcore) resistance to cracking due to low carbon equivalent.

Bend in ZIG ZAG Way

The tough ductile microstructure ensures bent under adverse condition without failure.
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