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UPVC Windows


With more than a decade of experience, Kamdhenu Ispat Ltd. is a company with a progressive outlook and vision. Approved by an ISO 9001:2000 ABN Quality Evaluation system, USA, the company has grown from a single manufacturing unit to a 38 franchisee providing a wide range of construction materials thereby enjoying an ever increasing customer base. Today the brand has a strong identity in the segments of TMT, structural steel, plywood, binding wire and housing projects.

With a pan Indian presence and now in the neighbouring country of Nepal, the brand stands tall in the construction and infrastructural products sector, as a result of its uncompromising quality, loyal consumer base, robust supply chain, a solid marketing team and a dedicated network of over 2500 dealers and distributors.

UPVC windows & doors

To provide better home solutions, the company has now pioneered the development of modern age UPVC doors and windows by the name of Tuff Wind, specifically crafted for the Indian consumer. With the introduction of this technology, doors and windows are no longer hand crafted by carpenters but are scientifically produced in electronically controlled sophisticated manufacturing facilities.

The most successful material for windows

Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC) is today largely used in construction of houses throughout the world. This material is mainly used for making windows. UPVC, within just a few decades has supplanted all conventional materials used for manufacturing windows, worldwide.

Tuff Wind windows & doors manufactured with UPVC have excellent advantages over traditional Wooden and Aluminium windows & doors. Some of the major advantages of these UPVC are: it's long life, structural strength and resistant to the vagaries of environment and corrosion.

Tuff Wind Windows and Doors require low maintenance. UPVC products combine the warmth of wood and the engineering flexibility of aluminium. Its locally relevant solutions have made it a favourite material of builders, architects and individuals.

Advantages of KAMDHENU UPVC windows

Beauty & design

Tuff Wind window systems offer a varied range of style and design. Every window and door has the unique quality of being fitted into any type of property.

Water tightness and wind resistance

Scientifically designed, these windows are water resistant upto 300 PA as per BS 6375 and are able to withstand wind pressure of 2400 PA specified in BS 5368.


Tuff wind windows & doors made from stable high impact resistant multi-chambered PVC-U profiles with integrated steel reinforcements, offers an ultimate protection and enhanced security and various levels.

Termite resistant

The Tuff Wind window & door systems are completely resistant to termites, thereby increasing the longevity of your doors & windows.

Noise protection

The Tuff Wind windows & doors provide efficient noise insulation upto 45db, thus reducing traffic and other outside noises around 1/24 of the existent external levels.

Fire protection

Tuff Wind's special profile compound possesses a fire retardant rating of DIN 4102. It further fulfils class 1 fire resistance as defined in BS (British Standard) 476. UPVC material does not support combustion and are self-extinguishing.

Long life & durability

The Tuff maintenance free character increases its popularity as a alternative for traditional wooden windows & doors.

Material & structural performance

The high performance compound used to develop Tuff Wind windows & doors makes it extremely durable. Further the compound adheres to the worldwide standards for strength, durability, heat stability, colour retention and termite resistance.

Environment friendly

The Tuff Wind profiles are environment friendly as they can be fully recycled and renewed for further production.

UPVC versus Wood & Aluminium
Tuff wind UPVC
Needs proper upkeep, regular painting and polishing
Needs painting and polishing
No painting needed
Rotting and warping
Rusting, twisting
No rust or warp
Ecological Viability
Not viable for long run
Large energy consumption
Energy efficient and eco friendly
Poor weather tolerance
Need upkeep in this regard
Enduring all weather conditions
Looks good, not sustainable
Poor, mechanical
Enduring elegance
Acoustic Insulation
Structural Strength
Thermal Insulation


Tuff Wind UPVC Casement window

These windows are manufactured from high end imported UPVC frames that are dexterously assembled as per the consumer's specific need. The high end European technology employed in the manufacturing of these windows creates a perfect of blend of beauty, durability and security.

Unique features

  • Imported stainless Steel Friction Hinges that are known for its anti-rust properties. They can remain open at any angle facing high-speed winds without using any kind of window stopper.
  • 3D Hinges for three dimensional adjustment and enhanced load bearing capacity.
  • Multiple Point Locking enables locking action at several point across the window. It also provides night ventilation and eliminates insect entry. Shoot bolts prevents the window from being opened from outside.
  • A Double Sealing Mechanism with separate gaskets on the sash and outer frame from a perfect sealing.
  • As an additional accessory, customers can also opt for the bug screen.
Glass options for Tuff Wind casement mode
Type of Glass
Thickness (mm)
Glass options (All)
Clear/ Float
glass + gap + glass = 24mm
  4 + 15 + 5  
6 + 12 + 6

Tuff Wind UPVC Sliding Windows

Tuff Wind sliding windows offer another kind of unique style, while retaining the similar kind of UPVC properties. These windows are space efficient finds suitable application at places where there are space problems.

Unique features

  • Its unique sealing mechanism comprising of a thick strip of wool pile between all sashes helps in keeping pollutants and insects out.
  • A special locking mechanism reinforced with anti lift locks prevents the windows from being lifted from outside. Further the interlocks between all the panels restrict the entry of pollutants and insects.
  • As an additional accessory, customers can opt for the bug screen.
Glass options for Tuff Wind casement mode
Type of Glass
Thickness (mm)
Glass options (All)
Clear/ Float
Double glass + gap + glass = 17.5mm  
4 + 8.5 + 5

Tuff Wind UPVC Doors

A Tuff wind UPVC door is an amalgamation of classic design and modern durability. These doors available in both swing & sliding mechanisms are made out of high-end rust resistant frames and rigid extruded UPVC profiles and can be easily moulded as per the customer's requirements.

Tuff Wind - a suitable edge

A winner against any other kind of doors, Tuff wind has several advantages over them. These doors are waterproof, termite resistant, fire retardant, economical, zero warping and maintenance free. Further they are available in various shapes and sizes.


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