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Rising through the Sky…An Inexorable success

A name that sparkles as a glint in the sky, a brand that outshines scrumptiously, a Group that defines success – Kamdhenu.

Kamdhenu as a Group was initiated more than a decade back, and today stands as an unchallenged leader in the Steel sector, producing bars, angles, channels, beams and flats. ‘Kamdhenu Steels’, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company not only manufactures Steel of impeccable qualities, it also has a strong marketing and distribution network throughout India, which is undoubtedly one of the reasons behind its immense popularity.

(IS: 303)
Marine Plywood (Gurjan)
IS: 710
Shuttering Plywood
(IS: 4990)
MR and BWP Block Board (IS: 1659)BWR Flush Door (IS: 2202)Moulded Designer Doors

Now, Kamdhenu is all set to mark a revolution in the Plywood Industry too! It has launched its Plywood and has gained impressive momentum. ‘Kamdhenu Plywood’ manufactures high-grade plywood through advanced technologies and is available in a wide range. With emphatic unbeatable strength, Weather-shield and Anti-insect qualities, Kamdhenu Plywood is absolutely carpenter-friendly. They are not only applicable in all kinds of places, they are also quintessentially functional.

Kamdhenu Plywood inherits the same Quality Consciousness and Delivery Alertness, as you have witnessed in Kamdhenu Steels.

Kamdhenu Plywood is sure to embark a new path in the Plywood Industry and would leave many milestones behind.

An everlasting determination ...A mission to follow

Kamdhenu Group has always followed strong principles while endeavouring the best. Be it any aspect or sphere of Kamdhenu’s interest, it has believed in contemplative strategies and a wise working pattern. In this new field of Plywood also, Kamdhenu is firm on its policies of ‘No Compromise’ and ‘Maintenance of Premium Standards’. It is determined to cater to all kinds of Plywood requirements across the length and breadth of the country. Not only this, Kamdhenu Plywood is also confident that it would create more new products in near future.

New horizons ahead
...Envisioning the new

Kamdhenu Group has high aspirations and possesses the potential to achieve them too. Both technically and administratively, the Group is self-sufficient and self-confident to gain even more success.
Kamdhenu Plywood works on the same lines and has the equal capacity to carve a niche for itself…and it will do it, definitely. Kamdhenu Plywood envisions remarkable growth and will surely prove its credentials.

  • MR Plywood IS : 303
  • BWR Plywood (Alternate) IS : 303
  • BWR Plywood (Hardwood) IS : 303
  • Marine Plywood (Gurjan) IS : 710
  • Shuttering Plywood IS : 4990
  • MR Block Board IS : 1659
  • BWP Block Board IS : 1659
  • BWR Flush Door IS : 2202
  • Moulded Designer Door
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