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Kamdhenu Ispat Limited manufactures TMT Tempcore bars which are thermo-mechanicaly treated using the world’s leading tempcore based technology for high yield strength. The tempcore process was invented in early seventies by CRM Belgium which guarantees consistent mechanical properties of whole production. Tempcore has proved to be a quality product having an exceptional combination of properties. Even in most adverse combination of circumstances, tempcore is the ideal reinforcing bar. Due to this process KAMDHENU TMT bars promises superior quality and high durability and results in significant reduction in cost of construction due to less quantity of bars required in Reinforcement concrete constructions.

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    • Equipment used in the process is designed on precise calculation.
    • Pressure and water flow is calculated based on bar diameter and mill speed.
    • Turbulence effect is created for uniform cooling of the bar across section.

    Why the company has taken Tempcore trademark?

    • Best process for production of high quality rebars.
    • Limited trademark holder.
    • Excellency in equipment design.
    • Strict quality control measures.
    • Ensures properties not achievable in other processes.
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